Spring/summer 2009 New W.A.S.P. CD Babylon recorded(posted 8.29.09)

The old late-80's custom Strats were dug out and steel-wooled off... and along with Blackie's trusty old Marshall 100W heads, the golden Metropoulis, and a 25-year-old DOD 6-band EQ pedal for boost, numerous new leads were cut for 10 new tracks in the Boss's new ranch studio complex. Mixed with the incredible pinpoint accuracy of Logan Mader(ex.-Machine Head), and inspired by a certain Hungarian, this record takes what was begun with Dominator up a major notch. 

Intercepting that span was four weeks in Europe to play 7 festivals and 3 headlining club shows. Highlights were Metalway in Spain with 60-mph sustained headwinds swaying the flown PA and staging, Graspop in Belgium with Dream Theater, the Crue and many others, Bang Your Head Fest in Germany, Hellfest in France, Rockharz in Germany, Sweden Rockweekend, and Norway Rock Fest! Again, the crew(with Velby on FOH sound) guaranteed that every set was 100%!

Douglas debuted his new blade Les Paul at these festivals, respectfully and hereby dedicated to its namesake, RIP. Realizing that the 1950's burned, rusted table saw blade contributed by his brother-in-law would fit nicely on top of a red sunburst LP copy guitar that had seen little live action, he enlisted priceless machining help in his hometown, and remote-control model expertise in Encino, California to realize his idea of having the blade spin on the face of the guitar. Black paint, metal outfittings, laser pointers and much time and expense collided to produce this one-of-a-kind guitar. Kudos to Johnnie and Scott at MacDiarmid Machine in Newburyport, MA and Simon Lucas at Hobby People Encino.