Blair's big guitar gig:

Bookending the development of the GuitarCross and development of signal2noise have been two lead guitar stints, the second ongoing, with the Los Angeles, California USA-based hard rock quartet W.A.S.P. formed and led by Blackie Lawless. The first was a summer/fall 1992 world tour supporting The Crimson Idol release, with Stet Howland on drums, and Johnnie Rod on bass guitar. This line-up is heard on the Donington Monsters of Rock Live CD/EP's from 1993. Since re-joining to replace outgoing guitarist Darryll Roberts in May 2006, Douglas has completed 4 European tours, 2 US tours and various summer festivals along with 2 full-length studio releases, 2006's Dominator and 2009's Babylon. Mike Duda has been the group's bassist since 1997, and Mike Dupke joined also in 2006.