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Slaves To The New World Order

Beginning early this year, the LA-based trio of The Boss, Mike Duda and Mike Dupke convened to create and write the basic forms of songs which will appear on the tentatively-titled upcoming CD "Slaves To The New Order." Tour Manager/FOH sound engineer "Velby" was flown in from Germany to record drums, while the Boss assembled an impressive arsenal of almost every major brand of classic tube amps to record rythym guitars.

Douglas worked on leads between April and May, favoring a classic '70's Marshall 100W Super Lead head, and a Metropoulis 100W head, both also used on both Dominator and Babylon. The same quartet of studio axes(3 custom Strats and a Gibson Les Paul Studio), mainly built and/or modified by Blair in the late '80's to mid-90's for "Run 21," were utilized as well, with the addition of a late model Washburn X81 'Faceraser.' The only effect used was the same '80's DOD EQ pedal for boost.

An awesome soundproof/sealed 'doghouse' with 2 4x12" speaker cabs fitted with various speakers, as well as different microphones, is used to capture the mayhem! And as usual, all performances were recorded straight onto a Studer 24-track 2" tape machine and later transferred to digital for mixing.