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27 05 2012 rock hard open air 01

Another hot summer...

Directly following intense cram-session recording in Los Angeles, the group flew across 14(!!) time zones-- with stops in London, Berlin, and Moscow--to the first show city in Ekaterinaburg, Russia. This city sits on the far Eastern border of Europe and Asia! 6 Russian headlining shows followed--on rented gear and with various late-night flights and train rides across the vast land. This provided a fitting warm-up for the 10 festivals--many part of the Metalfest series presented in Germany, Poland, Italy, Croatia(unfortunately cancelled), Switzerland and Czech Republic--which followed. The band shared the stages with Megadeth, Motorhead, In Extremo, and Uriah Heep, among many others, and also had great shows at the Loudfest in Sofia, Bulgaria(with Symphony X),  and the Rock Hard Festival in Gelsenkirschen, DE(headlining).